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Heiden Associates has been a leader in product safety and economic consulting since 1981. Our specialty is applying microeconomic and statistical analysis to business and public policy issues.

Our president, Dr. Edward J. Heiden, directs all conceptual work, bringing to bear many years of technical and public policy experience: in academia (where he taught and directed a major economic research center), in government (as chief senior planning economist and executive for three major federal agencies), the private consulting sector (where he has been the author of numerous studies and publications), and as an expert witness (in numerous federal and state courtroom proceedings). He is joined by an exceptional group of professional associates with many years of education and problem-solving experience serving as consultants in highly demanding private sector and government environments.

Heiden Associates work is designed to withstand the highest, most aggressive levels of critical scrutiny, and has provided important evidentiary support in numerous and frequently adversarial regulatory and judicial proceedings, and in policy-making forums at the federal and state levels.

Our clients include several hundred law firms, corporations, trade associations, and government agencies, many of which the firm has served on a continuing basis for a number of years. We are accustomed to working closely with these clients, from initial understanding of the issue, through presentation of a final product to address it. We work smart and nimbly, often within tight time constraints, and believe we best serve the client by completing our work on-time, in a cost-efficient manner, and with minimum disruption to our clients’ ongoing operations.

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